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The Resurrection of Overalls: Top 5 Worst Looks of the 90s

We’ve all been victims of them. Short overalls, capri overalls, and pants overalls.

Some of us only wore them once or twice, while the rest of the population is plagued with habitual- offender syndrome But, it’s okay, we’ll blame our parents for inflicting such fashion horrors on us growing up. And we’ll try to burn all incriminating photographs of such painful memories.

If you haven’t realized yet, overalls are making a comeback….meaning yes, within approximately 3 months you will probably see Justin Bieber sporting a pair of overalls on stage..I don’t know how I feel about that image yet…I think only time will be able to tell.

In lieu of the Overall Resurrection, I have counted down my top 5 favorite overall looks. So follow me as we bask in nostalgia and giggle at these overall concoctions.

5. The Olsen Twins– I wouldn’t call these necessarily couture concoctions, but the Olsen twins look adorable! I loved Mary-Kate & Ashley when they were this young and innocent. It kinda makes me wish they stayed this age forever, just like Miley Cyrus….

Mary Kate in overalls

4. NSYNC– Now it’s impossible to talk about overalls, the 90s and NOT bring up the best boy band to possibly ever walk on earth, NSYNC. Look at how adorbs J-T looks with his frosted tips! And yes, I know what you’re thinking…as if overalls in general weren’t bad enough, Lance is wearing a PAIR of white ones. Talk about the cherry on top.


3. TLC– And trust me, no “scrub” will WANT to holla at the TLC girls if they saw them today with these overalls on. As if the overalls weren’t excruciating enough, they have a buckle! Oh man!


2. Britney Spears– Oh, Britney… What were you thinking? I have no words.
britney spears

1. Carrie Bradshaw– Carrie, why?! I know this picture isn’t THAT bad, but you have to understand that Carrie is a fashion icon in pop culture. Oh, Carrie. Clearly, dating Aiden distorted your wardrobe decisions.

carrie bradshaw

What’s your take on the Overall Resurrection?


  1. Hi there!! I noticed you don’t like overalls and consider them as a pain!! Why?? When I was 8, I got a short pants one as a birthday gift from my aunt, and it was my favourite gift ever!! I never undress it and it got very dirty because it was white, My condition to undress it was that my parents gave me other, so I won a lot of them, all colors!! I still have it and I store it with care at drawer, but it unfortunately no longer fits me 🙁 But I dressed it until it was too tight for dressing 🙂 (Sorry for my bad english)

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