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Fall 2012 Makeup Tips & Finds


A crucial step that many women overlook when transitioning from summer to autumn is changing their makeup. Most women get a bit more bronzed in the summer or get freckles in the sun. We don’t usually need as much makeup in the summer, as the sun tends to mute out many of our imperfections, and if we do wear makeup, they tend to be brighter colors. As fall approaches, we should begin applying warmer tones not only in our wardrobes, but in our cosmetics as well.

Darker/Bolder Brows- An upcoming trend for fall is darker bolder brows. Feel free to let them grow out/in a bit- not letting them grow free and wild, but letting them grow a bit thicker for the season.

Eye Shadow- Fall is a time for neutrals and muted colors and our eyelids are no exception. Rather than brighter colors for eye shadow, lean towards champagne’s and espressos. We love warm tones like MAC’s Brown Script or neutrals like MAC’s Brule.

Lips- As bold lips have been all the rage lately, they will continue to be in the fall. In the fall we will see deep reds and wine colors on lips- think wine stained, if you will. We love the “Graped Up” Chubby Stick from Clinique.

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