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At The MTL Communications Group we believe the most powerful way to reach your audience is through what we like to call “The Trifecta” – Storytelling, Public Relations and Marketing. Everyone loves a great story! The MTL Communications Group harnesses the power of brand development and public relations to create your brand story and then communicate your story to employees, customers, and the community. No matter the audience, people will connect with a story before they buy a product or become committed to a brand. We help your brand tell your story so you can then sell your story.

At MTL, we understand the importance of implementing a well-rounded approach, incorporating different tactics, to create a successful campaign for our clients. Through strategy development, understanding the WHY of the brand and developing a strong consistent message, MTL develops a foundation in which each of its services can be built upon or combined together to deliver a cohesive program to our brands.

Our expertise in brand positioning, product placement and marketing communications allow us to elevate our clients’ brand power and drive their success. With meaningful relationships with Fortune 500 and boutique-sized companies alike, The MTL Communications Group’s team of seasoned strategists take pride in being able to give each client the personalized one-on-one attention needed to build a strong partnership to deliver prosperous results.

Founder and CEO

Melisa Tropeano

Known for her contagious excitement, Melisa Tropeano has been working in public relations and marketing for over 25 years. Melisa prides herself on working with each client’s individual goals to develop tactical communications programs and strategic content development. Understanding the needs of both her clients and the media, she is able to devise extensive outreach programs which genuinely relate to the brand’s customer base. As a sought-after consultant, Melisa develops the ability of business leaders and public figures to connect with their business interests and intended audiences. Using her magnetic personality and communications expertise, Melisa continues to prove she is the best partner for executives and companies alike, seeking to evolve their individual talent, their internal communication, as well as increase brand awareness among their target markets.

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Melisa Tropeano and I have worked on numerous projects together and is a fantastic, honest, reliable and seasoned communication specialist.

Lisa Marie Latino, Long Shot Productions

Loved the work MTL provides! Great writing material from my bio to press releases. The team is always posting great content for social media increasing my followers and engagement. I would give them a 10 plus rating!

Cristal O’Meara, Real Estate Professional

I have to give my highest praise to Melisa Tropeano and the team at MTL Communications. They have played a large role in rebranding and repositioning our business during a complicated transition.

Melisa saw my vision and used her exemplary executive coaching skills to keep me on track throughout the sometimes very hectic process.

She coordinated the internal and external process of media and advertising as well as making some very strategic introductions to take us to the next level.

We look forward to continuing to work with MTL Communications as we continue to expand our brand throughout the nation.

Mindy DiPietro , Aesthetic Treatment Center

From our first meeting, Melisa told me that I needed to write my memoir.  She said that if I shared my story, it would help people.  She kept saying “Your story is bigger than you realize.”  She took the time to get to know me and figure out I wanted to communicate to my audience.  I was delighted to discover that she then broadened that audience to something that went way beyond my expectations.  Melisa and her team have relentlessly shown up as a true partner who has my best interest in mind at all times.  Since beginning our professional relationship, my social media has grown and I have received requests for press interviews that I never thought possible. Melisa helped me to make that leap from “speaker” to “paid speaker.”  She coaches me to ensure my message is on point with the brand we are building.  And, most importantly, she is there when I need to be talked off the ledge.  Melisa and her team take the time to not only get to know her clients, but to understand them.  Melisa and the MTL Communications team are an integral part of my company.

Lockey Maisonneuve, Author A Girl Raised By Wolves

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