There is so much information and gossip swirling around the Coronavirus right now causing a bit of panic among the public. As an employer, it’s important to know how to properly communicate and deal with concerns your employees may have in regards to health issues, such as the Coronavirus. Here are some tips to effectively communicate with your employees while hopefully helping them feel more at ease:
1. Provide Factual Information – A great option is to send an email to everyone in the office providing a link to the CDC website where they are constantly updating information in regards to the situation.
2. Make sure HR is Ready – Speak with the HR department and make sure they are ready to answer any and all questions regarding health and employee benefits. Let employees know the HR department is always there for them with any concerns or questions they may have.
3. Have an Open Door Policy – This is important at all times, but it’s especially important at times like these to reiterate to your team that you are available to respond to any questions. Make sure employees know you will provide details on any actions or response plans you have laid out if/when the time comes.
4. Create a Designated Team to Handle the Situation – Often times, people are scared because of the unknown. Designate a team to send real-time updates released from organizations such as the CDC and the local and national government. Although you may provide a link to these organizations such as the CDC’s website, your employees are busy and may not have the time to continuously check updates. Should any significant updates occur, have a designated team send out alerts to the office in a timely fashion.